Sunday, April 10, 2016

2013 Helix Stone Tree SoRho

Happy Sunday!  It's time to get some Sunday dinner and a great glass of wine!  It's been snowy and then rainy all weekend here, so alas I got nothing done in the yard, so I tried to do some indoor projects.  Needless to say, I am the only person on earth that could possibly turn changing out the hinge on a toilet seat into a half-day project!  So tonight I need me a good glass of wine, and where else could I turn than the Columbia Valley of Washington.  I'm a big fan of Rhone blends, so I've opened a bottle of the most recent wine club selection from Reininger, the 2013 Helix Stone Tree SoRho, a southern Rhone style blend of Mourvedre (40%), Grenache (33%) and Cinsault (27%).  So let's see how this one stacks up!

The wine is a bright ruby in the glass with great clarity.  The nose presents aromas of blueberry, cherries, pomegranate and some lovely dried herb notes.  The taste is surprisingly isn't a rush of fruit I was expecting, but instead there were some delicate notes of blueberry and cherry cola that transitioned nicely to some notes of tobacco, black pepper, dried cherry and cinnamon midpalate.  The finish was quite nice, as the tannins pull you in for the crescendo of cherries and herbs that seem to linger on till you take your next sip.

I must admit, I've reviewed the 2010 vintage (see here) and the 2012 vintage (see here) and this has to be the best one yet!  I think this one ranks a solid 8.5, as it's such a pleasant drinking and food friendly wine.  Tonight I am enjoying this wine with some grilled pork tenderloin along with some steamed asparagus and grilled leeks.  This wine is ideal for savory meat dishes, whether port, beef or chicken, as the notes of fruit coupled with lively spice notes make this a sure Sunday dinner crowd pleaser!

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