Monday, March 18, 2013

2010 Helix Stone Tree SoRho

Well, we are almost 2/3 of the way through Washington Wine Month, and what better time to try one of the many eclectic blends produced in the Columbia Valley.  While the producers of Walla Walla have done exceptionally well at creating lovely and age worthy Bordeaux style blends, tonight I've opted for a blend modeled after the southern Rhone, the 2010 Helix Stone Tree SoRho, a classic blend of Mourvedre (50%), Grenache (32%) and Cinsault (18%).

The wine itself is a somewhat lighter bodied wine, with bright ruby color.  The nose is a lovely combination of   strawberries, lavender, a hint of black pepper and earth.  The taste is a real treat, with a strong smoky taste up front, along with a variety of dried herbs that slowly transitions to some notes of tart cherry and pomegranate   The finish is quite nice as the firm tannins support a wonderfully long and tight finish, with flavors of spice and a hint of floral notes that linger on and on.  This wine has a lot going on, with the addition of Cinsault making some really sophisticated interactions with the Grenache and Mourvedre that you just don't see in your typical GSM blends.

Overall, I would rate this wine a solid 8, as it's such a fun drinking wine that can match well with a broad variety of foods.  Unfortunately it's a little pricey for an everyday red at $33, but perfect for a special occasion or just sharing with some friends.  Tonight I am pairing this with leftover corned beef and cabbage from yesterday's St. Patrick's Day celebration (did I mention this wine pairs with a wide variety of dishes?) as the lighter body and more subtle flavors really make things interesting.  Cheers!

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