Friday, May 31, 2013

2007 Geyser Peak Walking Tree Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

It's been a long week, lots of work and travel and it's good to finally be home and able to enjoy a nice bottle of wine in the evening!  Tonight I've decided to open a Christmas wine, one of the bottles my Aunt Janet sent me over the holidays, so since it's hot and humid today I thought I could use a little reminder of Christmastime!  So I've opened a bottle of 2007 Geyser Peak Walking Tree Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, one of their "Block Collection" made up of grapes from select blocks within the Valley.  This one was named for the oak tree that "walked" down the steep grade in the vineyard and is blended with just a bit of Shiraz (8%).

The color is a deep brooding garnet that is so characteristic of a nice quality Cabernet from the Alexander Valley.  The nose has a distinct note of mint overlaying some nice leather, dark chocolate and mossy granite notes.  The taste is an explosion of intense cherry that gracefully transitions to some black pepper and Asian spice notes midpalate.  The finish is just lovely, with some rather tightly wound tannins supporting a lush mouthfeel and a long, dry finish that seems to last for a minute or more!

I have no idea if this is a good value, but is a wonderful wine that I would rate a solid 8.5 - this was certainly a winning pick for a Christmas present!  Tonight I'm pairing it with a petite ribeye, baked potato, grilled corn on the cob and some steamed broccoli.  It's been a long week and I need a real manly meal tonight, so cheers!

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