Tuesday, May 22, 2018

2015 Forgeron Barbera

Happy Tuesday!  It's been a busy week so far and it doesn't look like it will let up any before the holiday weekend, so I may as well enjoy a bottle of good wine.  Tonight I've decided to open a bottle of the recent wine club shipment from Forgeron Cellars, the 2015 Forgeron Barbera, a 100% Barbera from the Sagemoor Vineyard in the Columbia Valley of Washington.  I picked this wine for an easy pairing with dinner, so let's see how I did!

The wine is a deep, inky purple in the glass, with bright ruby along the edges, somewhat more reminiscent of a Cabernet than a Barbera.  The nose exudes quality, with rich leather, clove and ripe black fruit, with just a bit of floral undertones.  The taste is a rush of cool, ripe blackberry and cherry up front that transitions nicely to some subtle white pepper spice notes midpalate.  The tannins on this wine are almost not to be found, leading to a lush finish that's dry, yet not as abrupt as you might find in a Cabernet.

I decided to take a photo as I was cooking tonight, just to show that I do actually cook!

Overall, I would rate this wine a solid 8, as it's just a pleasant, easy drinking and food friendly wine.  This wine would pair well with a broad array of dishes, as it's just easy to please.  I would enjoy this wine with anything from steak to pizza to barbecue, but tonight I've decided to go Italian, with some chicken Italian sausage with onions and peppers and some pasta tossed with garlic and olive oil.  The fruit and low acidity in this wine are perfect with some spicy sausage.  Cheers!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

2015 Peju Napa Valley Cabernet Franc

Happy Saturday!  I spent the day working around the house, and even though they were calling for rain all day, it was just gray and cool, so I was able to get some stuff done.  And now it's time for a bit of relaxation before dinner, and unsurprisingly, I'm relaxing with a glass of wine.  Tonight it's a bottle that my old boss gave me, the 2015 Peju Napa Valley Cabernet Franc.  Apparently he and his wife aren't fans of Cab Franc, so he gave me a couple bottles, which I thought was very nice of him.  So let's see how this wine tastes!

The wine is a deep ruby color in the glass, with a dark center.  The nose is classic Cab Franc, with layers of ripe blackberry, black currant and plum over earthy aromas of leather and peat.  The taste is wonderfully fruit forward, with a rush of currant and plum that transitions nicely to some mineral notes of dusty limestone midpalate.  The youthful tannins are still a bit sharp, providing a solid backing for the long, smooth and exceptionally dry finish.

Overall, I would rate this wine a solid 8.5, it's a very nice Cabernet Franc that I think will soften a bit with some time in the cellar.  This wine would be ideal with a variety of steaks, chops, roasts and stews and tonight I am enjoying this wine with a rare grilled porterhouse with grilled leeks and fresh local asparagus with a big baked potato with butter, sour cream and chives.  The sharp tannins in this wine a perfect for cutting through such a rich meal.  Cheers!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

2017 DaMa Wines Rose of Cabernet Franc

Well, rose season is starting to kick into high gear, as the weather has been warm and sunny, all of my trees have leaves so suddenly my yard is under a complete canopy, making for stunning evenings on the patio.  So on this Wine Wednesday, I've decided to open a new rose I received in a wine club shipment from DaMa Wines a week or so ago (caveat on this rose season, I'll be drinking a lot of it, but writing little as I have such a surplus yet from last year!).  So let's see how this wine is preparing me for summer!

The wine is a very pale peach color in the glass, as the nose emits aromas of spring flowers, sweet strawberry and mango that shifts decidedly to a more citrus bent with some grapefruit aromas as it opens up.  The taste is just sublime, with some lovely spring floral and earthy mineral notes at the outset that throws you a bit off your game, but then it brings you right back with some wonderful citrus and tropical fruit notes intermingled with such light floral notes that it really is like sipping Spring!  The finish is crisp and clean and very dry, perfect for summer.

Overall, I would rate this wine a solid 8.5, as it is really a favorite for rose season.  This wine could pair well with a variety of seafood and salads, but I think it would pair the best with an afternoon on the patio!  Tonight I am enjoying this wine with some seared sea scallops on a bed of fresh picked arugula, along with some garlic and Parmesan orzo and steamed broccoli.  The crispness of this wine is just wonderful with the richness of the scallops.  Cheers!