Sunday, October 2, 2016

2014 Domaine Dupre-Morgon Vignes de 1935 Cru du Beaujolais

Happy Sunday!  Is it sad that after going wild at Costco yesterday and buying way too much food, I've now been thinking about dinner all day long?  Well, needless to say it was a very fine dinner and of course I picked out a nice wine to pair with it, in this case the 2014 Domaine Dupre-Morgon Vignes de 1935 Cru du Beaujolais!  This wine, made from 100% Gamay from vines dating back before World War II, so let's see what this wine has to offer.

The wine is a light ruby color in the glass with nice clarity, just as you'd expect from this type of wine.  The nose presents aromas of red plum, raspberry, cherry, kirsch and a hint of spice.  The taste is quite refreshing, with some rather subdued fruit notes up front that give way to some white pepper and herb notes intermingled with some fabulous mineral notes midpalate.  The finish is very well structured, with youthful tannins supporting the long, smooth and very dry finish.

Overall, I would rate this wine a solid 8, it's a very young and pleasant drinking wine that is very food friendly.  It was also a very nice value as I bought this one from Wines Till Sold Out for just $15!  As I mentioned, this wine is food friendly and would pair well with anything from burgers and pizza to lovely seafood dishes to just about anything from Provence.  But tonight I have paired this one with a rather eclectic dinner of sesame crusted seared tuna, with some pan roasted fingerling potatoes and broccoli rabe sauteed in garlic and olive oil.  The red fruit and minerals we a perfect complement to the many rich flavors on that plate.  Cheers!

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