Saturday, July 25, 2015

2011 Oakville East Exposure Cabernet Sauvignon

Happy Saturday!  Like most of mine, this Saturday has been busy with errands but there's always time for wine, and tonight it's the 2011 Oakville East Exposure Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon which I recently purchased from Wines Till Sold Out.  Despite the heat today, I just felt like it was a good Cabernet day!

The wine is a lovely, dark, brooding indigo in the glass with bright ruby around the edges.  The nose is classic Oakville Cabernet, with notes of oak, leather and violet over just a hint of blackberry.  The taste is just awesome, with a blast of ripe fruit up front, blackberry, cherry and raspberry that wash over you.  The ripe fruit transitions seamlessly to some rustic mineral notes midpalate before the young tannins set up the long, luscious and exceptionally dry finish.  This is just a classic Napa Valley Cabernet that you could sip all evening and wonder where the time went!

Overall, I would rate this wine a solid 9, it's just such a pleasant drinking Cabernet and it was very reasonably priced at just $29!  Tonight I am enjoying this wine with a completely random dinner of classic stuffed peppers, using my mom's recipe.  The ripe fruit and great backbone of this wine make it a perfect complement to the sweet and spicy sauce and rich goodness of Italian sausage and ground beef that make the stuffing.  Yum!  And now that dinner is over it's time for me to head to the theater, as I have tickets for tonight's production of Zombie Prom by the Elkhart Civic Theater!  Cheers!

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