Friday, July 19, 2013

2006 Laguna de la Nava Valdepenas Gran Reserva

It's hot and I'm a bit tired, so I've decided to open a bottle of wine that I bought yesterday at the duty free shop in Montreal.  Not that I'm a big duty free wine shopper, but I had and extra $20 Canadian that I wanted to get rid of, so the natural choice was to bring home a bottle of wine rather than a $20 bill!  So what I found was a 2006 Laguna de la Nava Valdepenas Gran Reserva from Bodegas Navarro Lopez and it's opened tonight!

The wine is somewhat lighter in color than your typical rioja, but perhaps that bodes well as I wanted to avoid a real heavy wine with the recent heatwave!  The nose is very nice with a good bit of leather, some sweet jammy fruit notes and a hint of mint and some spice.  The taste was actually quite pleasant, with some notes of blueberry and ripe plum up front which transitions to some tart cherry and limestone midpalate.  The finish was pleasant and very long, as the tannins were very supportive of the long dry finish.  I must admit I was a bit concerned when reading on the internet that most wines of Valdepenas are meant to drink young, so having a 7-year-old bottle might not be a prize, but this one turned out well.  It's somewhat lighter, tart and modestly refreshing for a red wine, making it ideal for the summer!

Overall I would rate this a solid 7.5, it might be a bit past it's prime, but for $13.95 Canadian it wasn't a bad deal overall!  Tonight I am enjoying this with a nice steak, yes my butcher hooked me up again with Angus T-bones on sale for $6.99 a pound he had three with the most lovely tenderloin on the steak so I jumped at the opportunity!  Along with the steak I have the traditional fare, a baked potato with sour cream and a nice mixed green organic salad with a bit of balsamic and olive oil.  I'm going to sleep well tonight!

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