Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2005 Burgess Napa Valley Syrah

Tonight I've decided to crack open a bottle that I've had sitting in the cellar for a while, not sure what I was saving it for other than a Wednesday night, so here we are, the 2005 Burgess Napa Valley Syrah!

The wine is a nice ruby color in the glass, and the nose presents a nice combination of anise, leather, oak and some chocolate notes, with just the faintest hint of mint.  The taste is quite mellow overall, with some dark fruit at the outset, ripe berries and black cherry, which transitions to notes of leather and tobacco midpalate.  The finish is quite bright at first, but then becomes more subdued, as you let it breathe, ultimately transitioning to a smooth, dry finish with some lovely spice around the edges.

I don't recall where I bought this one or how much I paid, but it's a nice little wine that I would rate a solid 7.5.  Tonight I am pairing this with some wonderful prosciutto stuffed perline pasta that I picked up at Trader Joe's, along with some lovely creamy pesto.  The wine really makes the earthy notes of the prosciutto stand out, which is a pleasant surprise, but it would also be very nice with a variety of grilled meats.  Cheers!

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