Monday, June 13, 2016

2015 L'Ecole No. 41 Grenache Rose

Happy Monday!  I know it's unusual for my to post on Mondays, but what the heck!  Tonight I've decided to open a bottle of 2015 L'Ecole No. 41 Grenache Rose, since it seems summer has decided to come early this year - it's been in the upper 80s today and expected to stay hot all week long.  And since this is the summer of rose, why not go back to the pioneer of roses in Walla Walla, since I think they started the trend back with their 2009 vintage.  So let's see how this rose will get us through the summer!

The wine is a pale pinkish hue, almost a peach color in the glass.  The nose presents aromas of pink grapefruit and melon, accented by some floral notes of orange blossom and white roses.  The taste is just lovely, with some soft fruit notes up front, melon, strawberry and a hint of citrus that transition to some pomegranate and a bit of minerality midpalate.  The finish is crisp and very dry, just as a fine rose should be.

Overall, I would give this rose a solid 8.5, as I've been a fan of this one for quite a while.  This would be ideal for just sipping on the patio in the evening, or enjoying with a variety of picnic fare.  Tonight I'm enjoying this one with grilled hot dogs served Chicago style, a perfect day at the beach.  Cheers!

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