Thursday, July 11, 2013

2009 Chateau des Moines Montagne Saint-Emilion

Tonight I've decided to open a bottle of Bordeaux from the very solid 2009 vintage to enjoy with my dinner, the 2009 Chateau des Moines Montagne Saint-Emilion (wow I certainly hope this doesn't taste like wine made in Des Moines!).  Now for those unfamiliar with Bordeaux, the Montagne Saint-Emilion is an AOC that is just to the north of Saint-Emilion proper, as one of the satellites of the Saint-Emilion vineyard.  The wine itself is a rather different Bordeaux blend of Merlot (75%), Cabernet Franc (20%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (5%) which could lend itself to some interesting notes.

The wine is a lovely deep purple color in the glass with a bright ruby around the edges.  The nose is quite refined with hints of blackberry and prune, along with aromas of leather and cut grass with just the faintest hint of the Bordeaux funk!  The taste is quite fruit forward, with flavors of blackberry and ripe cherry that seems to last but an instant before we transition to some lovely limestone notes.  The tannins are nicely structured, but they are big, leading to a wonderful long, dry finish that is just classic Bordeaux.

Overall, I would rate this wine a solid 8, as it's a very nice wine for drinking every day that goes well with a variety of dishes.  And it was a bargain too, as I bought this one from Wines Till Sold Out for just $12!  Tonight I am pairing this with a nice rare ribeye with a baked potato and a lovely spinach salad with bleu cheese, dried cranberries and white balsamic, yum!

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