Some of my favorite Wine websites!

Ok, here are some of the fun wine and food websites that I tend to frequent online, check them out if you like, you may like them or you may be bored, but that's just like wine, we all have our own tastes! - a great site with lots of info on wine, including reviews by everyday folks like me, great articles on food and wine and even a nice recipe or two! - a great locally owned wine merchant in Seattle that ships wine across the country, perhaps the #1 source of great Northwest wines, especially if your tastes go beyond the mass merchant Washington wines!  Great selection from the Columbia Valley, Walla Walla, and wonderful people to deal with.  Perhaps the most responsive and pleasant customer service I have ever experienced on the internet! - a great site for wine shopping, so many wines if you're looking for something in particular that might not be at your store, you can probably find it here! - this is a sister site to, but it's designed to offer super cheap bargains on great wine with new deals every day! - this is one of my all time favorite sites, Wine Till Sold Out (they are WTSO on Twitter), they basically do wine closeouts, so they will feature a wine at anywhere from 30% to 70% off, and they keep it on the site until it's sold out.  Sometimes it takes a day to sell out, sometimes a few hours, and sometimes 15 minutes!  Always something new and at an awesome price.  I've ordered a lot of great wines from them, and if you ever have any problems, they stand behind what they sell 100%.  I cannot recommend them enough! - this wine blog is so much fun!  In many ways very similar to the way I view wine, though this person also like white wine and screw caps, but we can look beyond our differences! - this is a recent find from a post on the Snooth forum, a very nice site with some fantastic tasting notes on a wide range of Bordeaux, truly impressive! - a newer wine blog started from some Snooth folks based in Pennsylvania (it's been a couple decades since I was in college in Lewisburg and I forgot the joy of state control over alcohol!) - this is a blog from a fellow Snooth member, dedicated to comparing Washington wines to the world, what's not to like about that?