Sunday, July 23, 2017

2014 Seven Hills Walla Walla Carmenere

Happy Sunday!  I had a somewhat productive day, given that I went grocery shopping to restock the fridge after being gone a week, and then I cut the grass and did laundry, and then I was pooped so I decided to open a bottle of wine!  Tonight's selection is a wine club wine from one of my favorite wineries, Seven Hills out of Walla Walla.  I have a nice dinner planned, so I've decided to open the 2014 Seven Hills Walla Walla Carmenere!

The wine is a deep inky black at the center with bright ruby along the edges.  The nose is a symphony of spice with notes of red pepper spice and smoky chipotle intermingled with some ripe black fruit.  The taste is warm and inviting, with some green herb notes up front that cascade into some lovely ripe fruit notes of black cherry and plum over hints of dark chocolate.  The tannins are well developed and provide a nice foundation with some acidity and a hint of bordeaux "funk" on the long, smooth and very dry finish.

Well, it seems that I only review even years of Seven Hills Carmenere, as I've blogged on the 2010 and 2012, and now the 2014 (I checked and the streak will live on since the 2015 vintage is sold out!), and this vintage is by far my favorite, so I'll rate it a solid 9, well worth however much I paid for it!  This wine would pair well with a wide variety of dishes from tacos to steaks to pasta, but tonight I am enjoying this wine with a classic summer dinner, first course a wonderful caprese salad with farm fresh tomato, 25-year aged balsamic and basil I grew myself, and the main course of alder planked Alaskan sockeye with lemon and dill along with some fresh grilled asparagus.  The lovely acidity of this wine just cuts right through the richness of the salmon.  Cheers!

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