Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2011 Grand Napa Vineyards Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Happy Wine Wednesday!  You'll be happy to know that I once again have internet at my house, granted it's not the fastest, but it certainly works for wine blogging and checking e-mail (fortunately I'm not a teenager, so I don't play video games or do much streaming).  So let's get down to business, wine!  Tonight I've decided to open a bottle of 2011 Grand Napa Vineyards Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (78%) and Merlot (22%) from a somewhat underrated vintage.

The wine is a deep inky black color at the center with bright ruby along the edges, just what you'd expect for a nice Napa Cabernet coming into its prime.  The nose presents aromas of ripe black plum, cocoa powder and a hint of anise.  The wine is a lovely rush of fruit up front, with some tart cherry and plum that ease into some notes of fresh herbs and minerals midpalate.  The tannins are well integrated, supporting the long, smooth and very dry finish.

Overall, I would rate this wine a solid 8, it's just about reaching it's prime.  And although it's likely not as stellar as the 2012 vintage, this one is drinking very nicely for just $25 from Wines Till Sold Out.  This would be an ideal steak wine, but tonight I am enjoying it with pizza, because why not?  Cheers!

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