Sunday, May 17, 2015

2013 Wayne Gretzky Estate Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon

Happy Sunday!  I know I've been slacking on my wine blog, but I've been busy with a visit from my Uncle Ron, so we went to some World War II battle reenactments and a dinner and USO dance with some nice big band music from the 40s, so I've had a hard time making room for the blog!  But tonight I've made time with a bottle of 2013 Wayne Gretzky Estate Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon,

The wine is a beautiful deep ruby in the glass, a classic Cabernet color.  The nose is a pleasant combination of oak, black licorice and baking spice.  The taste is a nice burst of jammy fruit, blackberry, plum and cassis that transitions nicely to some oak and floral notes midpalate.  The tannins are young but nicely structured for a nice warm, dry finish.

Overall I would rate this wine a solid 7.5, it's a nice wine to drink young and it was a good value as I think this one came from Wines Till Sold Out for about $13.  Tonight I am enjoying this wine with a nice rare grilled Angus T-bone with a baked potato with butter and sour cream and some grilled asparagus fresh from Michigan.  Yum!

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