Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Welcome to Walla Walla

Ok, it's officially vacation time and boy am I ready! A little over a year ago I did a walkabout that ended up in Walla Walla, where I had the chance to enjoy a good bit of fun and great wine so why not go for a repeat? Now keep in mind that I'm live blogging this trip from my phone, so you'll have to excuse my typos!

So this time rather than driving I decided to fly, there was my first mistake! Anymore you've got better odds of getting to your destination on a greyhound bus that flying, and sure enough, my first flight was delayed 2 hours but when I got to O'Hare my flight to Seattle was also delayed 2 hours! There's where it gets ugly since the last Alaska Airlines flight to Walla Walla leaves at 12:40 pm and my flight's scheduled to land at 1:00! So it looks like I might have some dinner with some old friends in Seattle tonight!

Well, I made it to Pasco then took the Grapeline bus to Walla Walla, so I finally made it! And despite a delay on one of my bags, I've now had time to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather in Walla Walla sunny and about 80 degrees! I started my day at Seven Hills Vineyard's tasting room. I enjoyed the selection of current vintage wines and had the chance to order some library selections including a 1992 Walla Walla Cabernet Sauvignon in honor of the year I graduated from college.

And now I'm enjoying lunch at Brasserie Four, for a lovely Copper River Salmon tartar atop a bed of greens and a bowl of rabbit stew, so yummy! Expect a lot more more posts over the next few days, including some tasting and vineyard tours at L'Ecole No. 41!

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