Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2009 Malleolus Ribera del Duero

Tonight is a fun virtual tasting at which is something that I always enjoy.  For tonight's tasting, we are focused on the Ribera del Duero wines of Spain and I am set to taste four different wines: 2009 Malleolus Ribera del Duero, 2011 Ferratus A0 Ribera del Duero, 2008 Matarromera Crianza Ribera del Duero and the 2012 Monte Castrillo Ribera del Duero Rosado.  Now considering that I am traveling right now, I won't be able to taste all four wines during the virtual tasting, so instead I will focus on the first two wines tonight, and then taste the last two this weekend.  So stay tuned for the rest of my tasting notes!

For the 2009 Malleolus Ribera del Duero, the wine is 100% Tempranillo that is a nice deep purple color in the glass.  The nose is somewhat fruity, with notes of blackberry and plum, with some notes of green grass, some toasted oak and a hint of minerality.  The taste has some lovely tart cherry up front that quickly transitions to some lovely leather notes and flavors of green grass, as the wonderfully structured tannins lead to a long, smooth and delicious finish.  This wine is just incredibly well structured, it makes me want to drink this wine all night long!

 Overall, I would rate this wine a solid 9, even though it's not a stellar bargain at about $50, but I remain convinced that it's well worth the price.  This wine would pair well with a big grilled steak, but it would also be perfect with a nice spicy dish, like a smoked chorizo with some rice and grilled veggies.  Again, just a fabulous wine and a great example of the best of Spain and the Ribera del Duero.  Cheers!

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