Monday, April 22, 2013

2009 Markham Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

So today is Earth Day, and I am celebrating with a bottle of wine!  And I'm also recycling an Angus T-bone!  Today I received a bottle of wine from my colleague as a gift in appreciation for helping with her taxes this year, and rather than wasting time and energy cellaring this wine, for Earthday I am opening it up and enjoying it tonight, the 2009 Markham Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

The wine is a deep garnet in the glass, transitioning into bright ruby along the edges.  The nose is quite pleasant, with rich black fruit and Asian spices flowing gingerly over a bed of toasted oak.  The taste is quite nice, with plenty if ripe black fruit up front, blackberry, cassis and plum, which quickly transition to some vanilla and anise midpalate.  The finish is quite nice, with rich and supple tannins supporting a long, dry finish. Overall, a very nice example of a more classic Napa Valley Cabernet.

I would rate this wine a solid 8, it's drinking very well right now, but I get the sense that it will improve with a few years of cellaring.  As for the value, since it was a gift I really have no frame of reference, but certainly I'd be game to try this one for a few sawbucks!  Tonight I am enjoying this with a rare Angus T-bone that I bought on the way home from working out (isn't is awesome when your butcher is across the street from your gym?) along with a nice baked potato and some steamed veggies.  So delicious!

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