Friday, October 26, 2012

2010 Yellowstone Roadblock Red Wine

And now we have come to the last wine from the "Taste My Vacation" wine tasting, the 2010 Yellowstone Roadblock Red Wine.  Now I wish I could say we saved the best to last, but unfortunately we haven't!  Now I bought this wine in the gift shop at Yellowstone National Park, so let that be lesson number 1, don't buy wines in national park gift shops!  And I really bought it because of the label, a roadblock caused by a bison, which was something that happened to me that morning coming into the park as we were stuck in a traffic jam caused by a herd of bison coming back into the park.  And let that be lesson number 2, don't buy wines because the label reminds you of something that happened to you earlier in the day!  No good can come of it!

Now the wine itself was made from organic grapes, but that really is lesson number 3, it really doesn't matter if the grapes are organic or not, if you buy them from a person that doesn't know how to make good wine with them, you may as well opt for Welch's.  The wine was somewhat light in color, with a nose of leather and grass, and that was the highlight.  The taste was somewhat earthy with some mild fruit, but then it had a finish that reminded me of cough medicine.  The only saving grace was that since this was a tasting I could share the misery with my friends!

Overall, I would rate this one a 4 and barely so, as there is no way I could recommend this for anything but marinades.  I should have saved this one as a $20 souvenir, or better yet, used the money I wasted on this wine to enlarge a print of the buffalo herd and put that on my desk as a souvenir!

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