Wednesday, July 13, 2016

2011 Muga Rioja Riserva

So I'm at Boston' Logan airport and the last words you ever want to hear when you arrive are, "your flight's wicked delayed!"  So here I am at Legal Seafoods for dinner (I have 4 hours to kill) so why not enjoy some wine?  Now keep in mind I'm doing this on my phone so please forgive the typos!  I just got a half bottle of 2011 Muga Rioja Riserva so let's see what this one has to offer!

The color is a nice deep ruby. The nose presents aromas of plum, currant, limestone and a bit of Bordeaux style funk. The taste is quite nice with a rush of black fruit up front followed by some smooth mineral notes of dusty likestone and basalt. The tannins are nicely structured lending to the long, smooth dry finish. 

Overall, I would rate this wine a solid 8, it's a nice Rioja from a producer I like. It would be great with a variety of Mediterranean dishes, but tonight I'm at Legal Seafoods enjoying this with some blackened tuna sashimi and a Bostob baked scrod for dinner. Cheers!

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