Sunday, June 12, 2016

2012 Woodward Canyon Artist Series Cabernet Sauvignon

Happy Sunday!  It's been a remarkably short weekend as I've been busy doing work around the yard among other chores and yesterday was unbearably hot and humid, which just makes me feel that much more exhausted.  So tonight I plan to relax with an excellent bottle of wine, the 2012 Woodward Canyon Artist Series Cabernet Sauvignon!  This wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (76%), Merlot (11%), Cabernet Franc (5%), Petit Verdot (4%) and Syrah (4%) from many of the best vineyards in Washington.  Blended together, they make a truly memorable wine, so here goes nothing!

The wine is an inky black color in the glass, with a bit of bright ruby along the edges.  The nose presents aromas of leather, smoke, baking spice and ripe berries, the sort of aroma that hints at the pleasure you're about to receive.  The taste is wonderful, with a blast of ripe fruit up front, black cherry and berries, that transition to some wonderful black pepper spice and mineral notes midpalate.  The elegant finish it worth the wait, as the well integrated tannins support a warm, voluptuous finish that seems to go on and on.

Overall, I would rate this wine a solid 9, it's perennially one of my favorite wines from Washington, and this one is certainly living up to the reputation.  It would be ideal with a variety of big hearty meals, particularly a nice steak, which ironically enough is on the menu tonight!  I'm enjoying this wine with a rare grilled bone-in Angus ribeye with some grilled asparagus (farewell asparagus season!) and baked potato.  A classic Sunday dinner, cheers!

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