Saturday, March 26, 2016

2011 Spring Valley Vineyard Frederick

So, the last weekend of Washington Wine Month and I've decided to go out with a bang!  Tonight I've opened a bottle I bought in Walla Walla last year, the 2011 Spring Valley Vineyard Frederick, named for Frederick Corkrum, the second son of Uriah and Nina Lee, the farmers who came to the Walla Walla Valley in the nineteenth century.  This particular vintage is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (60%), Cabernet Franc (30%), Petit Verdot (6%) and Malbec (4%).

The wine is a lovely deep ruby color in the glass.  The nose presents aromas of strawberry, marionberry, some white floral notes and hints of baking spice and clove, just the type of aromas that signal to your body that you're about to taste something really good!  The taste is just lovely, with a rush of ripe fruit up front, berries, cherry and plum that transitions to a bit of green herb and mineral notes midpalate. The finish is wonderful, as nicely structured tannins support the long and velvety dry finish that reprises some of the subtle floral notes from earlier.

Overall, I would rate this wine a solid 9, it's one of my personal favorites from Walla Walla, and surprisingly available (though somewhat pricey) throughout the country.  Tonight I am enjoying this wine with what it begs to be paired with, a rare grilled prime sirloin, with some steamed organic rainbow carrots and a baked potato.  Here's to Washington Wine Month!

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