Sunday, November 15, 2015

2013 Seven Hills Reserve Petit Verdot

Happy Sunday!  I've been crazy busy today, getting the last of the leaves raked, doing laundry and making a vat of mashed potatoes for my office Thanksgiving carry in tomorrow, so now it's time to relax with a glass of wine and tonight it's a special one, the 2013 Seven Hills Reserve Petit Verdot.  Now I really like Seven Hills Petit Verdot, and like the regular version, this one is from the McClellan Estate, but the reserve was made from the fruit of some fan-trained blocks of the vineyard, resulting in a limited production of about 75 cases.  So let's see how special this one is!

The color is a deep inky black in the glass with garnet around the edges.  The nose presents aromas of ripe black fruit, blackberry, earth and tobacco with just a hint of rose petal.  The taste is wow, just WOW!   I don't think I've had a Petit Verdot like this before.  The fruit explodes on your palate, with flavors of blackberry, plum and cherry that gradually transition to some lovely notes of anise, vanilla and mocha midpalate.  The finish is divine, the tannins though young are exceptionally smooth, giving a nice balance to the long, smooth and very dry finish.  This is the kind of wine where you don't just wait for flavors to develop, it's really just a complete symphony of flavors that present a remarkable harmony with every sip.

Overall, I would rate this a solid 9.5, as it's by far the best example of a pure Petit Verdot varietal that I've ever tasted.  As I mentioned, this one is extremely limited, so if you want some you'd better call the winery and order because I can't imagine a wine like this lasting very long in inventory.  For pairings, who cares?  This is the kind of wine you could just sip all evening long, but if you must know I've opened this wine for taco night!  I'm sure it will be great with chorizo and frijoles, though I'm sure I'll be sipping this one long after my meal is done.  Cheers!

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