Thursday, January 30, 2014

2010 Notarius Mendocino Heart Arrow Petite Sirah

Aaahhh, the polar vortex has subsided and we reached a high of 19 today!  To celebrate I've opened a bottle of wine of course. Tonight it's the 2010 Notarius Mendocino Heart Arrow Petite Sirah, which as I've said before is neither petite nor Syrah, but rather is a wine made from the Durif grape.

This wine is a classic example, with a deep brooding purple color in the glass. The nose is a lovely combination of rich leather, ripe plum, anise and a course minerality. The taste is quite nice with a good bit of green grass and spice up front along with some tart cherry and grass. These flavors transition to a lovely dusty limestone over white pepper and licorice. The finish is somewhat tightly wound as the tannins provide for a long and very dry finish. 

Overall I would rate this wine a solid 7.5 as it's a solid example of the varietal, but it was somewhat expensive at $22. Tonight I am enjoying this wine with a lovely dinner of roast chicken breast with oven roasted Brussels sprouts and some linguine with garlic and olive oil. Despite the boldness of the wine, it plays quite well against the spice of the dinner, but it would pair nicely with a grilled steak or many lamb dishes. Cheers!

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