Saturday, November 9, 2013

2009 Waterbrook Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Tonight I've decided to open another bottle of Washington red wine that I bought at the Chalet Party Shoppe in Elkhart a week or so ago, so tonight's choice is the 2009 Waterbrook Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon from the Columbia Valley.  Waterbrook is one of the older producers in Walla Walla, and they have a beautiful tasting room on U.S. 12 just east of L'Ecole and Woodward Canyon.  The Chalet had the 2010 vintage on sale, and I just happened to find one lone bottle of the 2009 vintage on the shelf for the same price, so why not try it?

The wine itself is a nice inky indigo in the glass leading to some garnet along the edges.  The nose is a fountain of ripe fruit, blueberries, cherries, prune and cassis, projecting a sweeter, almost jammy aroma.  The fruit is overlaid with some lovely notes of toasted oak, cocoa powder and some earthy aromas of forest floor.  The taste is very fruit forward, but much more complex than I was expecting from such a fruit centered wine.  There is a good bit of ripe fruit at the outset, blueberries, black currant and plum that washes over you in your first sip, but the fruit subsides and transitions nicely to some raw minerality midpalate.  The tannins are structured but not overwhelming, providing a nice foundation for the long, dry and velvety finish.

Overall I would rate this wine a solid 8, as it's a solid Cabernet at a terrific value, I bought this one on sale for just $17, making it an ideal everyday wine (I need to go back and pick up some more of the 2010 vintage!).  Tonight I am enjoying this wine with some crab stuffed flounder from Trader Joe's along with some steamed broccoli and some linguine with roasted red pepper pesto, yummy!  And yes, I know it's unconventional to enjoy a Cab with fish but when have I ever been conventional?  Besides, this wine has a nice earthy character that really pairs well with meat or fish in a variety of herb inspired dishes.  Salut!

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