Friday, May 6, 2011

2008 Round Hill Cabernet Sauvignon

Have you ever had one of those really crappy weeks where everything seemed to just go wrong?  Where the end of the week came and you had to go through a critical thinking exercise to convince yourself not to drive headlong into a bridge abutment at 80 miles an hour?  Well, that's the week I just had (and it's not even over yet!!!).  So to take the edge off, I just wanted to drink tonight, now granted, I should be addressing this in a vodka or grain alcohol blog, but alas I settled for a bottle of wine tonight (though I must admit, all I could think of on the way home from the office just before 8:00 pm on a Friday night was the scene from the movie "Airplane!" where Robert Stack as Rex Kramer kept upping the ante, with "looks like I picked the wrong week to stop smoking/drinking/taking amphetamines/sniffing glue" as that described my work life this week!).

So I made it home, and bless you G.B. Russo's for hooking me up with a case of 2008 Round Hill California Cabernet Sauvignon!  This wine is nothing too special, but you know what?  It's a great, easy drinking cab, with mild aromas of rich red fruit (cherries, blackberries, etc.) along with some leather and tobacco.  The taste is mildly fruity, with a nice clean finish that just says, "you've had a tough day, let me help you take the edge off."  And that is certainly can do, since I got this wine on close out from Russo's.  Apparently they designed a new label (this is it in the photos) and it looks absolutely horrific, so they decided to trash all the old/new labeled bottles and make room for the not so loud and graphically challenged labels to come.  As a result, I picked this one up for only $4 a bottle!  I can't afford not to drink this!  Sure, it's not an awesome 94-point WS big bold Napa cab, but for that price, I could drink this one all summer long!  As a result of the terrific value offset by the horrific label, I give this one a solid 7!  Enjoy and here's to hoping I make it through the next week of work!

Whoops!  The phone just rang, time to get back to work!